Author: Veronica R. Wolf

Do you know when your relationship is in a rut?

There is not much that is better than a happy relationship, right? You feel comfortable and safe with one another, you are getting your important needs met. You’ve relied-upon routines that give structure and personality to the life you have created together. But what happens when, over time and initially without you even noticing it, some of your dual routines feel lifeless and still? What if they start to cut off the circulation to the rest of your relationship? What if, like that errant limb, part of your relationship has fallen asleep? You, my friend, have hit a relationship...

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Do you know the signs of an unhealthy relationship?

  A lot of people think that they know signs of an unhealthy relationship even when they don’t really. An abusive relationship is when one partner uses various tactics to control and overpower their partner. If you are at a point where you might be a little suspicious, I encourage you to continue reading because one of the ‘symptoms’ of being in an abusive relationship is denial, which hugely minimizes and justifies the abusive behavior. Although it may be popular opinion that a majority of abusers are male, this is in fact not true. What types of abuse are...

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Are you Looking for Men, Single Women?

There are huge but looking for single women Wed Various online dating sites. How do I get a man – is a question That Each set one woman every day of Their lives. God made the two women praying with a man, so everyone That Will not feel alone. Looking across the street, you Will find couples online dating laugh, walking hand in hand, chat or just Staring Into Each Other’s Eyes. At one point, all These people must have Been only, right? But now They have someone. Well, love stories Can happen that Any Time. Online dating is...

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Decode Me Now

Figuring things out especially during dating periods has always been giving us apprehensions about ourselves. Being able to decipher gestures and signals is pretty useful, not only in our everyday encounters but also in social situations. Research has it that both males and females, even animals, use set of gestures that are mostly done subconsciously. What appear to be commonly used gestures we should start taking notice of are the dilation of pupils, angle of body and the feet, the spreading of legs to show openness. Hair touching done by women, extended intimate gaze and increasing eye contact, and...

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