Figuring things out especially during dating periods has always been giving us apprehensions about ourselves. Being able to decipher gestures and signals is pretty useful, not only in our everyday encounters but also in social situations.

Research has it that both males and females, even animals, use set of gestures that are mostly done subconsciously. What appear to be commonly used gestures we should start taking notice of are the dilation of pupils, angle of body and the feet, the spreading of legs to show openness. Hair touching done by women, extended intimate gaze and increasing eye contact, and exposing of the wrists. Slightly opening of mouth and using of lipstick to appear sexually aroused, glancing side-ways and holding it until the man notice then urgently look away are also a useful technique used by women.

The next time you happen to be in a date, or in a social gathering, start observing to decode who like who and who are those using those gesture to appear attractive to others.